Saturday 14 January 2012

January Challenge: Day 11

We had a very bad night's sleep last night with the little guy deciding that he didn't want to sleep between the hours of 1am and 4am. Needless to say, today hasn't seen much action in the kitchen! It was very tempting to order takeaway for dinner, but instead I mustered the energy to make some fried rice - quicker than takeaway and healthier too!

Tonight's version was japanese style with fried garlic, thinly sliced pork and mushrooms, served with some stir fried snake beans. I often have chinese lup chong sausages in the freezer, and a tin of baby prawns in the cupboard, just to make special fried rice.

The trick with home made fried rice is to use a bit more oil than you think, and to add the rice last, so that it fries and gets coated with the flavourings without becoming soggy. It's best to cook the rice using the absorption method (on the stove or in a rice cooker), or use day old rice so that it's nice and dry and you get lovely grains, rather than a wok full of paste.

Today I used up the last of the rice, so now the challenge really begins.

Q: What's your favourite kind of fried rice?


Natalie Robinson said...

My favourite rice is with milk and sultanas - good for quick breakfast snack or as comfort food when I'm sick

beth said...

Yum! Milk and sultana rice - a food from my childhood! Good tips on the fried rice Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I like it with lots of bacon, honey and soy. If I really have a craving for fried rice and I don't actually have any leftover rice to use, then I cook the rice in the rice cooker then spread it out on a tray and cool it in the fridge. Cools it down and dries it out at the same time.