Thursday 12 January 2012

January Challenge: Day 9

While we're talking about cleaning out cupboards, have you looked in your bathroom or laundry cupboards? In the back of the garage? In the shed? Many homes have nasty chemicals hiding in the forms of old paint, pesticides and herbicides, cleaners, or old motor oil or coolant. They often end up stored in boxes or cupboards because no one knows what to do with them - you can't just turf the in the bin or pour them down the sink (and you musn't)!

If you live in NSW, the State Government runs the CleanOut Program, where household chemicals and hazardous waste are collected at central locations - usually a couple of council areas at once. You can take pretty much anything - old car batteries, chemicals, poisons, even things have lost their labels and you don't know what they are anymore. You just put them all in a box in the boot of your car and they will take them out and dispose of them for you - it's a FREE drive-though service!

Maybe you're in the process of changing your house to clean, environmentally friendly cleaners (and buying the Earth Choice ones in the supermarket is ok, you don't have to stick to bicarb and vinegar if you don't want to). Now you can get rid of the nasties and know it's been done safely.

Last time they were in our area I got rid of old paint left behind when we moved in, old carpet cleaner, oven cleaner and old pool chemicals.

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