Thursday 5 January 2012

January Challenge

Does your pantry look like this?
Happy New Year! First Blog Post for 2012!

And here's a challenge for January - eat the food that is already in your kitchen and shop less.

A January Pantry Challenge is a not a new idea - I think most of us end up with too many things in fridge, pantry and freezer at this time of year - the result of eating out too often, buying too much and being a bit lazy over the holidays. 

If you're finding that there's nowhere to put things because your shelves are crammed full, then the Pantry Challenge is for you!

It's quite simple - simply focus on using what's already in your kitchen (and garden) when making meals, rather than writing a new shopping list. It's not about eating plain boiled pasta for a week or trying to put soy sauce in every meal, but making sure that you're not letting things go to waste, or stockpiling things you don't need, and saving a bit of money too.

Day 1:

I used home grown zucchini and some other vegetables, plus leftover ham to make a frittata for dinner. I threw out an old bottle of lemon cordial that had a best before date in 2010.


Nadine Venturato said...

I love this a a challenge. Last year we got rid of the chest frezer as it was a harbour for wasted out of date food. Now with only the fridge freezer we notice that we waste left and use more. I am in for the month to use what we already have.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea! I think my freezer is in more desperate need than my pantry though.