Monday 6 February 2012

Harvest Monday

The terrible weather in Sydney lately has kept me out of the garden, so today I went to inspect the damage from the rain. The tomatoes are really struggling - any that were ripe seem to have split and fallen, and the plants are becoming quite badly affected by mildew. The zucchini also seems to be on its last legs, with powdery mildew on most of the leaves.

The lebanese eggplants, however, are doing marvelously well, as is the basil. It's time to start thinking about what winter crops will go in.

Picked today: 16 lebanese eggplants (approx 650g), 1 large bunch of basil for pesto, 1 corn cob (that may or may not be popcorn), 3 button squash, 50g green beans and 2 radishes, plus 12 chillies from my bumper crop - these are only the first of many, and I have a number of seedlings coming up from last year's chillies too.


L from 500m2 in Sydney said...

Pretty impressive for a single raised bed!

Norma Chang said...

Funny you are thinking about planting winter crop and I am thinking about planting spring crop.