Thursday 10 October 2013

Adventures in Sewing

Recently, I was lucky to spot an overlocker (serger) in the online classifieds for a very good price. It's inspired me to learn how to sew clothing. I've never really been good at sewing, but seeing some fantastic projects that others are doing on Twitter and Pinterest has inspired me. Not only that, but learning how to sew clothes is a very useful skill - you can adjust ready-made clothes so that they fit better, or upcycle old clothes from the back of the wardrobe, or the thrift shop and give them a new life.

The lack of recipes here lately indicates the other reason why I'm inspired to craft rather than cook - the daily treadmill of toddler-friendly meals is sapping my creativity!

Apple Circle Skirt
So here's a photo of my first piece of clothing made from scratch. It's a 1950s style circle skirt with a stretchy waistband. I'm quite proud of it for a first attempt, and it received a lot of positive comments on its first outing. In particular, I like that I can wear a bunch of different coloured tops with it. I'd *really* like to learn to make a rockabilly style dress, but I think learning how to make and fit a bodice will take a quite a bit more learning!

I used this lovely tutorial from A Vintage Vanity - it was quite helpful, in particular on how to deal with a vertical pattern when cutting a very wide pattern piece.

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