Sunday 19 June 2011

This little piggy went to the organic market...

There's an organic market every Sunday at Frenchs Forest. It's very good - lots of stalls with both farm fresh and certified organic foods. It can be difficult to get up in the morning (especially after being up feeding the baby at 4am!), but the day feels so much more productive, especially with organic coffee and a bacon and egg roll or a fresh bagel for breakfast! I don't get much because my delivery arrives on Mondays, but it's nice to pick up a few extra specials. Not everything is organic, but it's still better to buy from markets than the supermarket - you're supporting the growers directly, less food miles and handling, and everything is super fresh!

Bought today: Smoked free range duck, radishes, lemons, strawberries, mini blueberry bagels

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Anonymous said...

You won't have to buy lemons for much longer. You should see how many flowers are on your tree!