Monday 24 December 2012

Creating a Mini Kitchen (Part Two)

It's Christmas Eve, and the mini kitchen is finished!
The painting is all done, the doors have been reassembled with new fittings, and the stove has the latest in induction technology (otherwise known as sheet acrylic).

Daffodil Yellow
To say I'm pleased with the result is an understatement. It's turned out much better than I hoped, the furniture actually brightens up my dining room, and my little boy is enjoying using his new space for cooking. And playing with trains.

In the end, I spent more on this project than I intended, but I think the result is worth it - a one off set of furniture that is as nice as anything I could have bought, and was a lot more fun to put together. I also have leftover paint for future projects.

Zatar Leaf Green
 I still need to add a handle to the stove door, and add a chain so it doesn't crash onto the floor.

Shiny Cooktop
Bright Delight Orange (and a bucket of toy food)
Happy little mini chef
Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Looks great, I'm sure that Tom is having heaps of fun cooking when you cook

Anonymous said...

Looks great. I'm sure Tom is enjoying cooking at the same time as mum does.

Ps - I've put in that character recognition in three times so far, then blogger lost my comment. This is annoying :-(