Wednesday 2 January 2013

January Challenge, Day 2

Tonight's dinner was a tasty Asian style beef salad using ramen noodles. I like both the organic dried and instant varieties, and they're just as good served cold as hot. But I don't need to keep too many types of noodles in the cupboard.


Anonymous said...

What noodles do you keep in the cupboard? I find a soba and a dried white Japanese one enough. Does pasta count?

Sarah said...

There aren't too many at the moment, I've been quite good at clearing them out, so there's only dried somen, and konnyaku (shirataki) noodles. But I've had any of the following in the kitchen (and often 5-6 varieties at the same time!):

Dried soba, somen, ramen or udon
Instant soba, ramen or udon
Instant ramen (plain)
Dried bean thread vermicelli (in little packets)
Wide Rice noodles for pad thai
Fresh Chinese egg noodles
Fresh Thick rice noodles

The problem is that I will buy a pack of noodles for a particular dish, and the leftovers will hang around for a while.

Don't get me started on pasta...

Sarah said...

oh, and to clarify what I mean by "instant" there are the soft instant noodles that come in a vacuum pack, and the 2-minute style noodles that come in cakes.