Thursday 26 June 2014

What have you been cooking?

After my last (and admittedly quite negative) post, I've been taking a break from blogging. The daily grind of family cooking on a budget is not always a source of inspiration. But there have been new discoveries, fun experiments and spectacular failures. Over the last month or so two things have happened that have given me the blogging itch again. A friend has started a new sewing blog - go and visit Strange Stitches and follow Mrs Strange having fun with quilting. I've also been sharing cooking tips and recipes with some younger Twitter acquaintances, and helping them to have their own Kitchen Adventures.

Future posts will include another Pantry Challange, Slow Cook Sunday, and Tea Time.

So what have you been cooking lately? Here's some of my Favourite New Things:

No-Cook Playdough


Porridge made with half rolled and half steel-cut oats

Japanese Hamburger with curry sauce and rice (with bonus fried egg - oh yes!)

Meat and Three Veg (I love a dinner everyone will eat)

Chinese-style corned beef with cinnamon, star anise and szechuan pepper

Rainbow Spaghetti


Strange said...

Thanks for the mention!
I hear you on the cooking for a family on a budget thing. After a while you realise you lost the fun somewhere and it can be a struggle to get it back.
For me at the moment the flavours that have been getting me excited again have been Korean and Vietnamese. So simple,but so very delicious! :D

Sarah said...

No worries! I love Korean too - gochujang chilli paste is now a permanent resident in the fridge. I perfer to go out for vietnamese, some things I like to leave to the experts :)