Saturday 18 August 2012

Behold! The Rainbow Cupcake

Because nothing says "Happy 30th Birthday! Welcome to responsible adulthood!" like rainbow cupcakes :)

I made these for a birthday party we went to today. I don't actually count these as food because they were made with packet vanilla cake mix, and lots of food colouring. But they were fun to make and look fantastic.

To get the layers, I allowed the cake mix to partially cook and firm up in between colours. The cake needed to be cooked at a lower temperature, so the mixture didn't rise too quickly and warp. I also used silicone muffin cups in the tin so that I could peel them off easily to show off the layers.

I got the original idea from, but I feel that using 6 layers in a cupcake is unnecessary. Not only will it take too long to make (especially if you have lots of them to make) but as you can see from the original photo, the violet layer looks grey and the orange layer is lost between the red and yellow. Having just blue, green, yellow and red gives the impression of a rainbow, but is much easier to make.

The topping is Betty Crocker Creamy Vanilla Frosting, with a piece of sour strap lolly on top, and some sprinkles.

PS. Rainbow Brite turns 30 next year. I'm starting to feel old.

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